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Prevent Shipping Damaged

Prevent Shipping Damage to Metal Finishing Products

While metal may be tough and durable, it makes dollars and sense for metal working and finishing companies to know how to prevent shipping damage. Your employees spend hours carefully fabricating and creating raw metal products, powder-coated metal, and any other types of delicate finished metal products. Don’t flush your excellent craftsmanship and profits down […]

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Laser vs Rotary Die Cutting

Laser vs Rotary Die Cutting: Which Method Is Best?

When it comes to creating precise die cuts, two of the most popular methods are laser vs rotary die cutting. How do you know which option is best for your unique needs? Each type of die cutting method will have its own distinct benefits based on material, costs, and production size.  Fortunately, Frank Lowe is […]

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Die Cutting Machines

5 Most Popular Types of Die Cutting Machines

In its most elemental form, die cutting is the use of a die to make identical, repeated cuts from a material. While all die cutting has similar goals, the different types of die cutting machines can render very different results. As the best custom manufacturing partner, Frank Lowe offers a range of different die cutting […]

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Protective Packaging

Give Your Finished Metal Products the Best Protective Packaging

Ensure you maintain the integrity of your craftsmanship and metal working with a protective packaging solution that works. For nearly seven decades, Frank Lowe has partnered with metal finishing companies and fabricators to create highly-effective, application-specific protective packaging products, and we’ll do the same for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the […]

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Catalina Instruments

Catalina Instruments: Manufacturing Decades of Success

Catalina Instruments — an experienced machine shop that transforms specs from engineers into requested items — is a long-time preferred vendor for government agencies and contractors, such as Lockheed Martin. As a machine shop, Catalina Instruments use a range of tools and cutting tools to make highly-specialized parts.  We recently sat down with Catalina Instruments […]

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Advantages of Die Cutting

Money-Saving Advantages of Die Cutting with Frank Lowe

Die cutting is an exceptionally versatile and cost-effective way to manufacture, shape, cut, and form products made from an array of materials. However, not all custom manufacturers are created equally, and few offer the money-saving advantages of die cutting with Frank Lowe. At Frank Lowe, we offer custom fabrication services that allow us to die cut […]

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More than fenestration

Frank Lowe Offers MORE Than Just Fenestration Products

Since 1955, Frank Lowe has helped businesses across all industries and markets explore, pursue, and create better solutions. While we’re widely recognized as leaders throughout the fenestration industry, we also use our Die Cutting, Slitting, Laminating, and Fabricating of custom manufacturing expertise across all markets, including:ConstructionConsumer ProductsFenestrationFurniture IndustryGlass & GlazingMedical DeviceMirror & Shower DoorOEM ManufacturersPackaging […]

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explore all we do

Have You Truly Explored All We Do? Get Ready to Create!

At Frank Lowe, we don’t just provide Die Cutting, Slitting, Laminating, and Fabricating of custom fenestration products. We solve problems for businesses across all industries!  Since 1955, we’ve encountered few custom manufacturing problems we couldn’t solve or questions we couldn’t answer. Whether you need one prototype or a massive production run, our cutting-edge equipment and decades of […]

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Is Volextra the Right Material for Your Product Application?

Volextra utilizes innovative manufacturing technology to create an exceptionally flexible extrusion process. Volextra is the result of solid plastic being permanently melt bonded to foam. This material delivers a range of high-performance characteristics with a distinguished and unmistakable aesthetic appeal, including thermochromic and pearlescent qualities that make it a one-of-a-kind material.  At Frank Lowe, we […]

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Die Cutting Manufacturing Process

How to Choose the Most Suitable Die Cutting Manufacturing Process?

The die cutting manufacturing process is a fast and easy way to efficiently shape a range of different materials. Since 1955 Frank Lowe has offered a range of custom fabrication solutions, including:   Cork die cut services Rubber die cut services Foam die cut servicesarrow-right Sponge die cut servicesarrow-right And other die cut solutions.Our die […]

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