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Prevent Shipping Damaged

Prevent Shipping Damage to Metal Finishing Products

While metal may be tough and durable, it makes dollars and sense for metal working and finishing companies to know how to prevent shipping damage. Your employees spend hours carefully fabricating and creating raw metal products, powder-coated metal, and any other types of delicate finished metal products. Don’t flush your excellent craftsmanship and profits down […]

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Laser vs Rotary Die Cutting

Laser vs Rotary Die Cutting: Which Method Is Best?

When it comes to creating precise die cuts, two of the most popular methods are laser vs rotary die cutting. How do you know which option is best for your unique needs? Each type of die cutting method will have its own distinct benefits based on material, costs, and production size.  Fortunately, Frank Lowe is […]

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Die Cutting Machines

5 Most Popular Types of Die Cutting Machines

In its most elemental form, die cutting is the use of a die to make identical, repeated cuts from a material. While all die cutting has similar goals, the different types of die cutting machines can render very different results. As the best custom manufacturing partner, Frank Lowe offers a range of different die cutting […]

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Advantages of Die Cutting

Money-Saving Advantages of Die Cutting with Frank Lowe

Die cutting is an exceptionally versatile and cost-effective way to manufacture, shape, cut, and form products made from an array of materials. However, not all custom manufacturers are created equally, and few offer the money-saving advantages of die cutting with Frank Lowe. At Frank Lowe, we offer custom fabrication services that allow us to die cut […]

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Die Cutting Manufacturing Process

How to Choose the Most Suitable Die Cutting Manufacturing Process?

The die cutting manufacturing process is a fast and easy way to efficiently shape a range of different materials. Since 1955 Frank Lowe has offered a range of custom fabrication solutions, including:   Cork die cut services Rubber die cut services Foam die cut servicesarrow-right Sponge die cut servicesarrow-right And other die cut solutions.Our die […]

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Types of Rubber

Quick Guide to Different Types of Rubber Elastomers

Today, there are many different types of rubber material that can be utilized to enhance your product or application. The actual characteristics and properties the synthetic rubber material adopts will greatly depend on the chemicals used in production. These characteristics come directly from the chemicals used. As a result,  different elastomer types can range from being […]

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Why Should Your Business Consider Custom Manufacturing?

We offer the experienced professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and more than 60 years of experience producing unique gaskets and components for our clients. Through our custom manufacturing services, you’ll not only benefit from a completely unique product — you’ll benefit from a lower cost of production and much more. Most importantly, you’ll gain a partner who will […]

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Does the Type of Rubber Die Cut Material Matter?

Since 1933, Rubbermaid has been regarded by the industry as the best. Why? Primarily because each single product is crafted with the best, most suitable material. So, when you ask does the type of die cut rubber material matter, it does — it matters a lot.  In addition to affecting product quality, the type of […]

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Remove Web Scraps in the Die Cutting Process to Save Time & Money

For most manufacturers, a certain amount of web scrap is tolerable and may even be considered a cost of doing business. However, if your manufacturing process is being slowed down or you’re funneling additional resources to scrap removal, you may unknowingly tossing money away with the trash.   Unlike other custom manufacturers, Frank Lowe offers precise […]

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5 Attributes You Should Always Demand in a Die Cutting Company

Choosing the best die cutting company is a big deal! These are the people who you’ll trust to create parts and other essential components for your product or manufacturing firm. Although the decision may seem relatively cut and dry, it’s important you take the proper steps to find a suitable die cutting company and partner. […]

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