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What Are the Most Weather-Resistant Rubber Gasket Materials

What Are the Most Weather-Resistant Rubber Gasket Materials?

Whether you’re manufacturing medical device equipment or creating one-of-a-kind fenestration products, the rubber gasket material you choose is a vital step. However, if you’re manufacturing components or products that will be exposed to the elements, it becomes even more important to choose the best rubber gasket materials. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone! The experts […]

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Opening the Crystal Windows & Doors to a Successful Partnership

For more than 25 years, Crystal Window & Door Systems has partnered with professional architects, developers, designers, and government officials to engineer Energy Star Communities featuring the highest-quality window management solutions. As a true American Dream, Crystal Window and Door Systems started with humble beginnings — with the founder working out of his garage as a […]

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Simple Guide to the Different Types of Industrial Gaskets

There are several — maybe countless — different types of industrial gaskets. Industrial gaskets can be defined as key components of industrial applications tasked to help seal joints to limit vibration, prevent leaks, and enhance mounting. At Frank Lowe, we manufacture custom types of industrial gaskets created from a range of different elastomers or materials. Due […]

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