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Closed Cell Sponge Material

Understanding Different Types of Closed Cell Sponge Material

At Frank Lowe, we are often asked about the different types of closed cell sponge material we offer. Because each material has a unique set of attributes, it’s important to have a general understanding of what the sponge material will offer your application. Fortunately, the experts at Frank Lowe offer decades of experience helping manufacturers […]

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Anti-Slip Mats

Five Reasons Why You Need Rubber Neoprene Pads

You name it — and the large, durable, weather-resistant, chemical traits of rubber neoprene pads can do it. Within the industry, our neoprene rubber pads are recognized as the Jack of All Trades — offering a quick and cost-effective pad to protect parts and much more. These pads are uniquely engineered for versatility and can be […]

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